Home insulation has many benefits and insulating your property will add a much higher degree of comfort, healthier environment, reduce energy bills and produces positive environmental impacts. See our environmental policy.

Getting the best out of your property

Free home insulation

Adding insulation to your home is one of the best ways of increasing comfort in your living environment, not only this, but it will help to regulate the temperature of the house and also makes the environment you live in more enjoyable, especially in locations where the weather is unpredictable. Read other benefits.

Insulation also acts as a sound barrier between walls and increases sound control. It helps to keep unwanted sounds out and preserves your privacy by ensuring any noises that are made in your property are kept inside.

Nope, it doesn’t stop their either. Insulation creates a moisture barrier that helps to prevent the access of moisture into your house, such as rainwater.

Alternative ways to insulate your home

Investing in double glazing is a great way to help insulate your home without having to go up into the loft. If you are in need of new windows and want to further insulate your home, we would advise investing in double glazing where your windows have two layers of glass between a 16mm insulating gap.

Double glazing is particularly important if you are in more rural areas such as surrey as it can get colder the further away from a city you are.

You would be surprised how much new windows cost, this method won’t break the bank and has a number of benefits.

The cost benefits of insulation

Adding insulation in your property helps your home to become much more energy efficient by keeping in warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This will reduce the amount of temperature appliances that would normally be used to keep the home warm.

Insulation can also be free to install. Keep Warm provides free insulation grants to homes throughout the UK. After finding out if you’re eligible, the process will be complete in 14 days and you can begin to enjoy your home straightaway. Insulation services include attic rooms, cavity walls and lofts. Find out if you’re eligible today by calling 0800 612 7878 or get the best advice here.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Environmental benefits of insulating your home

Insulating your home means less of an environmental impact. By using less heating and cooling appliances, it reduces your carbon footprint which reduces the amount of chemicals released into the environment. Find out more.