Environment & energy

It’s all about sustainable development.

Our homes, communities and lifestyles – what we buy and consume, the energy we use, and what we do with our waste – all has a huge impact on the environment and our ecological and carbon footprint.

This is why YHREF has major plans to make green, clean and low-carbon living part of everyday life throughout the UK.
The Governments ambitious growth plans is the need to provide 31,000 new homes and 28,000 jobs by 2031 in a sustainable way, ensuring that UK residents live within their fair share of the Earth’s resources, both now and in the future. See how you can help.

Conserving energy at home can save you hundreds of £’s on your bills

There are a number of ways to conserve your energy at home. Most often, this is through investing in technologies/appliances that keep the heat inside your property, therefore not as much money is spent on heating/cooling the house.

Loft and cavity wall insulation can save you in £280 on your fuel bills every year. We recommend using an accredited installer so you have peace of mind that your property has what it takes to stay energy efficient. Find out more.

Premium rooflights from £599

Another way of trapping heat inside your property is through highly energy efficient rooflights and windows. This will diminish any drafts that are apparent and will have your home feeling warmer. We recommend using EOS Rooflights as your skylight supplier. They have a range of rooflights suitable for flat roofs and all of which have an outstanding U-Value rating.

They pride themselves on providing market leading rooflights for flat roofs. They are all high performance products that are all beautifully designed.